The Guide for Separated Parents

Putting Your Children First

Karen and Nick Woodall - Piatkus 978-0-7499-4000-3

The Guide for Separated Parents (Piatkus 2009), written by Karen and Nick Woodall of the Centre for Separated Families, is a practical book that helps parents to manage the changes that come as a result of family separation so that the impact on children is reduced and they are able to achieve their full potential.


Children from separated families fare best when they have close relationships with both of their parents, and when their parents communicate and co operate.


In this practical and reassuring guide, Karen and Nick Woodall draw on years of experience of helping separated parents resolve conflict over children that can arise during and after separation. They provide strategies and tools to help you communicate with your ex partner about every aspect of your children's lives.


Packed with case studies, The Guide for Separated Parents illustrates how separations affect families in different ways and shows you that, what you are going through, you are not alone.



‘Quite simply, the best book on separation that we have ever read’

Fatherhood Institute


'It will help you both to read Putting Children First by Karen and Nick Woodall.’

Deidre Sanders, The Sun


‘The chapters logically and thoroughly explore all the issues that might arise before reaching a conclusion with sound advice on each topic.’

Parenting Without Tears




Please note that this book was first published under the title

Putting Children First