One Click Away

1 in 5 UK families experience estrangement but social networking sites have made it easier than ever before for those affected to see, and get in touch with the people they’d like to be reunited with.


Making initial contact might seem easy – just one click away - but knowing what to do next can be hard to navigate without expert help. In One Click Away an experienced family separation expert will support and guide the estranged family members through a robust process.


Commissioning Executive, Vivienne Molokwu said: “Social media gives unparalleled access to find missing people but reuniting is the easy part of building a relationship. This programme looks beyond that fairy tale moment and helps family members through the real challenge of forging long lasting connections.”


Karl Warner, joint managing director of Electric Ray, said: “One Click Away is a contemporary take on an issue that affects more and more of us, focusing on the huge range of young and diverse people seeking out a family member. Their stories promise to be dramatic and moving.”


The TX Pilot has been commissioned by Channel 4 Head of Features and Daytime, Gill Wilson and Commissioning Executive, Vivienne Molokwu. It will be Exec produced by Karl Warner and Meredith Chambers from Electric Ray.




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Instagram: 1_click_away