Recent papers and presentations on children’s rejecting behaviours and parental alienation:



When the child says no: Understanding and responding to the needs of the alienated child

Hampshire & Isle Of Wight Local Family Justice Board conference. Southampton: November 2019.


Working with post-separation defensive splitting in children

PASG Conference. Philadelphia, PA: September 2019.


Moderator - Parental alienation symposium

International Association for Relationship Research mini conference. University of Sussex, Brighton: July 2019.


Recognition of parental alienation as a child protection issue

Association of Youth & Family Judges and Specialists, and Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Centre seminar. Teaching Institute for Public Health, Zagreb: July 2019.


Working with post-separation pathological splitting in children

Bucharest Courts Interdisciplinary Approach of Litigation with Minors in Cases of Parental Alienation conference. Bucharest Central Tribunal: June 2019.


Using differential assessment protocols to ensure best outcomes for rejecting children

Empowering Children Foundation and Department of Public Health of Warsaw Medical University Conference. Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw: June 2019.


Detecting signals and breaking through the spiral

Missing Children Europe Conference on International Abduction (co-funded by the European Union and Ghent University). Ghent: May 2019.


Assessment and treatment routes in cases identified as parental alienation

Het Huis Conference. Antwerp: February 2019.


Using international standards in differentiating and treating cases of parental alienation

EAPAP Conference, London: August 2018.


Reunification work: Experiences from London

PASG Conference. Stockholm: August 2018.


Educational needs identified during reunification training

PASG Conference. Washington, DC: October 2017.