I am a partner at the Family Separation Clinic, an organisation that offers specialist services to families experiencing divorce or separation. I practice therapeutic mediation and have particular expertise in working with high conflict families and in cases where children have rejected one of their parents. I previously worked on policy and development at the Centre for Separated Families, a national charity that uses whole family interventions to support parents in bringing about better outcomes for their children after divorce or separation.

The Family Separation Clinic offers specialist services to families experiencing divorce or separation and to professionals who may be working with them.


 The Clinic has particular expertise in working with families where children have rejected a parent or are at risk of doing so. Run by highly skilled and experienced professionals, the Clinic offers a discreet and confidential service which is tailored to the individual needs of families. For services in high conflict situations and for therapeutic mediation

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Fully Committed? CSJ report on family breakdown

fully committed csj

Since 2012, I have been a member of the Family Breakdown Working Group at the Centre for Social Justice. Over the last two years, the working group has taken evidence from a wide range of practitioners and academics who are working with, or looking at, the consequences of family breakdown.


In the UK, today, only around two-thirds of all our children are in intact families compared with countries such as Finland where over 95 per cent of children under 15 live with both of their parents (the OECD average is 84 per cent).


Our final report 'Fully Committed? How government could reverse family breakdown' was published in July 2014 and proposes some radical steps to help stop the decline in family breakdown and to better support families where separation cannot be avoided. You can read the report here


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The 53rd Hour

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Suicide is the single biggest killer of young men in the UK. In 2012 there were 5,981 suicides in the UK, of which 77% (4,590) were male. CALM, the campaign against living miserably, exists to prevent male suicide in the UK.


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